A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Snorkel Master Chef is a fun little arcade type platforming game about Snorkel a pigman chef that worked hard to get to the top of the food business. Being the very best chef has led to him having an irrational fear of being criticized because of his mysterious past. One day his trusty cat waiter Alfredo came to him with a message that a client wishes to speak to him. What will Snorkel do? Suddenly a bright flash... Is this a dream?

The game was made in 18 days as a demo for a local Latvian competition #BRSD6 which we won and are going to take this game to casual connect this october 2017. We are planing on expanding the game by adding more varied gameplay and better mechanics and finally revealing the full story. This game is planned to be released on google play, Windows and Linux.

Install instructions

For Windows: download the windows release archive, unpack it in the place you desire and then launch the .exe. play and enjoy :)

For Linux: download the Linux release archive, unpack it in the place you desire and then make the "SnorkelX86" file executable and run it. play and enjoy :)

For Android: Make sure you have installation from 3rd party sources enabled. Download the .apk and install it the app. play and enjoy :)


Snorkel-Win.rar (58 MB)
Snorkel-Linux.rar (61 MB)
Snorkel.apk (63 MB)